Skwachàys Lodge

Skwachàys Lodge Aboriginal Hotel & Gallery

Working closely with the executive and senior staff Joseph took the lead position on a number of housing development proposals where VNHS was the successful proponent. This resulted in increasing the society’s portfolio by approximately 60%.

Joseph was the lead consultant on the society’s work to develop a new model for social housing. Skwachays Lodge & Residence is a first of its kind supportive housing model where instead of taxpayer driven support, the monthly subsidy comes from the operation of two social enterprises: an 18-room boutique hotel and the street level Urban Aboriginal Fair Trade Gallery. He has been instrumental in the development of our new ‘entrepreneurial’ approach to social housing.

Besides the increased value of the society’s portfolio, Joseph has raised over $4,500,000 for numerous projects including almost one million dollars for cultural enhancements to the Skwachays project.

Joseph and the nuMedia group provide a unique combination of creative visioning, financial modeling, media savvy and project management expertise that enable them to take an idea from conception to completion. We recommend his services without hesitation.

Vancouver Native Housing Society

I have worked with Joseph on a number of projects over the last few years and he has proved indispensible. It is rare to find someone with as much passion for their work combined with such acute business and cultural knowledge. What I found most productive was the open and collaborative approach that engages but also challenges. This approach has led directly to some very novel and successful outcomes. I would not hesitate to recommend Joseph MacLean.

Shain Jackson, Spirit Works Ltd.

Spirt Works

Spirit Works – Authentic Aboriginal Art








Have Truck Will Travel

Have Truck Will Travel










“Joseph MacLean of nuMedia has been an important player in getting my
trucking business off the ground here in the lower mainland. I have
moved from wondering what to do in order to find business to
answering calls generated from the website he created for me and most
importantly bringing in revenue, ya! He has made several suggestions
I had not thought of myself which I have acted upon with positive
results. I will continue to use him as my main advertising consultant.”

Brian Blakley, BB Trucking